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Pipeline plugging and water blocking airbag

Pipeline blocking airbags are also called occluders, pipeline blocking airbags, water blocking airbags, etc., which are commonly used plugging tools for municipal construction and underwater pipeline engineering. This product has high airtightness and can be reused. There are common types of pipe blocking airbags, as well as enhanced types.


1. For blocking of horizontal pipes
The pipe water blocking airbag is made of reinforced natural rubber. Before delivery, each pipe water blocking airbag will be tested under the conditions of 1.5 times the rated working pressure and the corresponding type of pipe diameter. The pipeline water blocking airbag is particularly suitable for maintenance and testing work such as closed water test, closed air test, leak detection, pipeline repair and temporary water blocking after sealing the drainage pipe. It can withstand the natural pressure of the water of 26 floors in the closed water test of the building floor.

2. For the plugging of riser pipes
For the standpipe (i.e. the pipeline plugged in from the inspection port), the pipeline plugging will place the plugged airbag into the pipeline port that needs to be blocked. The length of the pipeline is the length of the plugged airbag, and then compressed air is flushed through the intake valve. When the specified pressure is reached, construction can be carried out. After the construction is completed, the air intake valve is opened to release air, and the airbag is taken out and blocked.