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PVC yacht anti-collision ball (fender)

The special anti-collision ball for yachts is mainly used for the protection of small boats, speedboats, and fishing boats. It is an ideal choice for many domestic ship owners. The product has a unique vinyl valve system and is available in a variety of high-strength colors.

F series yacht fender (by ball) is a protective product mainly used for small boats, speedboats and fishing boats. The design structure greatly improves the anti-collision performance of the fender, so that the fender can adapt to the harsher climatic environment and weather. The fender is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, which meets the national environmental protection requirements. The appearance is generous and beautiful, and it is resistant to pressure and abrasion, air-tight and anti-ultraviolet. The product is generally white, and the logo can be printed according to customer requirements, or it can be equipped with rope and sheath. It has the following main features:
1 · Multiple sizes can be selected to meet the use of any vessel
2. Unique vinyl valve system
3. It has a high-strength, high-durability appearance
4. Multiple reinforced top suspension system
5. Suspension design at both ends meets horizontal and vertical use
6 Suitable for permanent unprotected berthing, steel piles, cement docks and other environments


1· 具有高强度、高耐久力外表
2 · 独特的乙烯基阀门系统
3 · 高强度的顶部悬挂设计
4 · A-5, A-6 & A-7充气、放气双阀门系统
5 · 7种高亮度度颜色可供选择