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Pipeline plugging and water blocking airbag

Urban construction of water pipes, sewage pipes, transportation pipelines, etc.
During pipeline installation, testing, dredging, and maintenance, the upstream of the pipeline needs to be blocked to ensure that there is no water downstream of the pipeline.

Appearance: The pipeline blocking airbag is a highly airtight airbag with handles at both ends, and one section with inflation an


1. Clean the pipeline
Before plugging the pipeline, it is necessary to check whether the inside of the pipeline is cleaned, and remove sharp objects such as glass, stones, etc., so as not to scratch the air bag.
2. Place the airbag
Place the deflated airbag in the position where it needs to be plugged, and it needs to be laid flat along the direction of the pipe, without twisting and folding
3. Inflate to rated pressure
The inflatable type requires constant observation of the airbag inflation state and pressure gauge, and adjustment of the airbag position.
4. Do the homework
5. Deflate the air bag and store it
Open the valve to deflate, and observe whether there is serious friction on the surface of the airbag. Dry the air bag and store it in a cool place away from fire

1. Large pressure 1mpa
When the pipeline pressure is high, we need a high-pressure plugging airbag to block the liquid in the pipeline. Our company's airbag has nylon cord as the skeleton material, which greatly increases the punching range of the airbag, which can be 0.05mPa~1mPa, More pressure can also be made, need to increase the number of rubber layers
2. Anti-wear
The natural rubber-based compounded rubber layer is tightly attached to the outermost layer, which is more abrasion-resistant. When the pressure in the pipeline is high, the plugging airbag needs to be able to provide more friction, so the skin must be able to withstand the friction of the pipeline wall.
3. Repeated use
Because the airbag is wear-resistant and puncture resistant, and resistant to compression, it is not easy to deform, so it can be used repeatedly, saving costs.
4. Quality Control
From the processing of raw materials to the final product, all production is carried out in our company, and the quality is tracked throughout the whole process, and full inspection is adopted. 0.2mpa pressure is 4.5 times the safety factor, which can ensure the safety of use