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Foam-filled solid backing ball (anti-collision ball)

Foam-filled solid ball (anti-collision ball) is a floating anti-collision cushioning system that uses lightweight and high-elastic foam as a cushioning medium, which is better than inflatable ball. Now it is widely used in ports, offshore, and shipping industries.
The foam-filled solid ball (anti-collision ball) has the advantages of floating performance, which is not affected by the rise and fall


A、小型漂浮护舷 1. One-time foaming and self-skinning: consists of rings and self-skinning foaming elastomer materials;
2. Spraying type EVA solid-filled fender: consists of rings, inner bladder (EVA foamed elastomer), and polyurea spray coating on the exterior;
B. The large solid filled fender is composed of core, disposable foamed elastomer, frame material and polyurea elastomer material. The outside is generally a tire net protective cover.
1. There is a core inside the fender for the convenience of forming and installation. To
2. Fender cylinder: the middle part is made of disposable foamed elastomer material, plus reinforced frame material and polyurea elastomer outer skin. The compression deformation of the fender is mainly the compression deformation of the foamed elastomer. The mechanical properties of the fender are realized by the combination of foam, frame material and polyurea elastomer. In order to meet the performance requirements of the fender, we chose NS1100 nylon cord as the reinforcing layer's skeleton material. In order to ensure the integrity of the fender, we add a transition layer between each material to improve the adhesion between the layers. This structural design increases the stiffness of the fender and improves the bending and shear resistance of the fender.
3. Protective cover design: In order to prevent the fender from being accidentally scratched and stabbed under abnormal conditions, we assemble the wheel net protective cover on the outside of the fender. Thereby reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.



Foam-filled solid backing ball (anti-collision ball)
A. Solid foam filling can be divided into two categories:
The first category: small portable fender/portable fender: this fender is small in size, light in weight, flexible and convenient to use, and is equipped with a rope at the top. Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
The second category: Flanged fender: the top is usually equipped with galvanized flanges, swivels, etc., and stainless steel fittings can also be used according to customer needs. At the same time, a tire chain net protective cover can be installed on the outside according to customer needs. Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
B. According to whether the tire chain net is installed outside the fender, it can be divided into non-sheathed type and sheathed type. The outside of the tyre sheath is equipped with a high-performance tyre chain net, which better protects the appearance of the fender body and prolongs its service life. The chains used are all hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment.