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EVA solid backing ball (fender)

EVA solid-filled floating fender (also known as ball/fender) is also a compressed fender, which uses polyurea material as the outer protective layer, and the interior uses EVA high-efficiency foam material or PE foam as the buffer medium; In the course of use, its compression deformation can absorb the impact energy of the ship, thereby reducing the damage to the dock and the ship.
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Product features of Qingdao Shunhang EVA solid-filled fender (by ball/fender)

The sprayed solid floating fender is produced using the most advanced spraying polyurea elastomer technology in the world today. This technology is a new solvent-free and pollution-free green construction technology developed abroad in the past ten years. The product features are as follows:
1. The core material is closed-cell high resilience foam, with low quality and good energy absorption. The core material is a closed-cell high-resilience foam type solid, which will not sink to the bottom even if it is damaged.
2. Outer skin protection layer-sprayed polyurea elastomer (SPUA) is called wear-resistant rubber. Its wear resistance is 10 times that of carbon steel and 3-5 times that of epoxy resin; its oil resistance is comparable to that of nitrile rubber; Tensile strength, elongation and tear strength are basically maintained at the initial strength state after four years of outdoor exposure;
3. The salt spray resistance test of ordinary pipeline anticorrosive materials such as fused epoxy powder generally does not exceed 500h, and the actual service life is less than 10 years; 0.5mm spray type polyurea elastomer 10000h salt spray test has no corrosion phenomenon, and the service life is expected Up to more than 50 years.
4. The polyurea protective layer is an aromatic coating system with 100% solid content and does not contain any volatile organic compounds. It needs high stability and good weather resistance when exposed to ultraviolet rays; it can be used for a long time at 120°C and has good heat stability.
5. The solid-filled fender has light weight, large deformation, strong adaptability, and good tilt compression performance. Compared with general fenders, it absorbs more energy and produces less reaction force.
6. Reliable performance, convenient installation, low maintenance cost, beautiful and practical.
7. The production of fenders with SPUA spraying technology overcomes the limitations of using molds, and is not restricted by product size in the production, and meets the different size requirements of customers for products.