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The application of marine airbags is less restricted by the site and does not require large mechanical equipment, so it can shorten the engineering cycle and save a lot of money. After more than 20 years of development practice, this product has proved to be safe, efficient, green, environmentally friendly, flexible and flexible.
The production and application of marine airbags are mainly implemented with reference to two industry standards: CB / T3795 "Ships for upper and lower airbags" and CB / T3837 "Process requirements for upper and lower airbags for ships".
 In the "Basic Requirements and Evaluation Methods for Production Conditions of Shipbuilding Enterprises" formulated by the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, the launch of airbag launching as an approved launching method is included for the first time, and the Class I enterprises are permitted to use the launching method of airbags. Facilities that use airbags to launch water also put forward corresponding requirements.
的 The status of airbag launching is that the establishment of the theoretical system is far behind the development of practice, so there are some disputes about the safety of airbag launching.
History of airbag development
According to related records, humans have been using the rolling wood principle to carry heavy objects more than 6000 years ago. At present, people still use the rolling wood principle to carry heavy objects in daily production and life.
In 1981, Deputy Director Qiao Changlin of the Xiaoqinghe Shipping Bureau of the Shandong Provincial Communications Department invented the first generation of overlapped rubber airbags with rubber canvas as the skeleton material. On January 20, 1981, the first launch test of the marine airbag was carried out at the Xiaoqinghe Shipyard, and it was a success.
In October 1982, the first technology exchange meeting on ship airbag launching and holding technology was held in Wuhan, and several technical exchange meetings were held in Wuhan and other regions for several years in succession, which promoted the promotion and development of airbag launching technology .
In the 1980s, due to the manufacturing process and materials of airbags, the weight of launching ships of airbags was between 100 tons and 500 tons.
初 In the early 1990s, people made innovations in the technology and materials of airbag manufacturing: nylon cord replaced canvas as a new framework material, and a new integrated winding manufacturing process was developed.
At present, there are still some manufacturers of marine airbags that use the overlapping production process. It is generally believed that the integrally produced marine airbag is more reasonable in structure and has a greater safety factor and bearing capacity.
Water-filled blasting test is an important method to check the performance of marine airbags.
Application area
Ship launching:

After more than 20 years of practice of adopting the airbag launching and loading process for ships, the launching ship has developed from a flat-bottom ship with a weight of tens of tons to a large ship of tens of thousands of tons. At present, this technology has been recognized by the shipbuilding industry and port construction industry at home and abroad, and the airbag launching technology has been promoted in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.
Heavy object handling:
At present, marine airbags are widely used in caissons lifting, transportation, launching and other fields in port construction. Our famous "South China Sea One" wreck salvage project is the use of marine airbags to complete the landing of the caisson and the work of moving into the "Crystal Palace".
Floating salvage:
The stern airbag can generate large buoyancy and strong load bearing capacity. It has been widely used in the rescue of stranded ships and other areas for floating fishing.

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